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Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, OR


128 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Plus various other locations in Portland, Seattle & NYC.


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We read reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp and this consistently was rated as one of the top independent coffee shops in Portland.  (Stumptown also has a couple of locations in Seattle .)  Personally, I’m not sure why.

We visited the “downtown” location at SW 3rd.   There are several other locations in the Portland metro, Seattle and NYC.

First off, we were surprised that this location didn’t open until 7AM.  While it is slightly out of downtown, there’s plenty of businesses and hotels in the area that should certainly warrant an earlier opening, at least on weekdays.  When we arrived at 7:30, there was at least 12 people in line.

We ordered a large mocha, and it was very bland.  As in, where’s the espresso?   To be truthful, also, where’s the mocha?  I watched the barista make the drink so I know there were 2 shots of espresso as well as the standard mocha syrup in the drink.

I’m not sure where the rave reviews come from.  The mocha tasted basically like plain steamed milk.  There was no coffee flavor and barely any detectable mocha flavor.  I’m not sure if it was the espresso they were using that day or what.  Maybe the raves come from their basic coffee, but I’d have to go back and try another coffee drink before coming to a full conclusion.

One other criticism I have of this particular Stumptown location.  Why in such a large space, do you have to have the order station, pickup area, coffee accessorizing bar all in 50 sq feet?  What about the other 3500 square feet you have?  You end up with all of these people crossing in front of one another, bumping one another, trying to move around while 90% of the space is unused and unpopulated.  Very annoying.

Next time we come back to Portland we’ll visit again and see if we like it any better.  For now, be forewarned, that the reviews may not deliver the result you think they should.

Last modified: March 16, 2014