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Courier Coffee – Portland

923 SW Oak
Portland, OR


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Our first introduction to Courier Coffee in Portland came a few months back when we were on a food tour with Portland Walking Tours.  Courier began by roasting and delivering coffee beans to restaurants and businesses throughout Portland.

This great little coffee bar, on the edge of the Pearl District is a menagerie of coffee and espresso.  Knowledgeable, doesn’t even begin to describe the baristas that staff Courier.  These people know coffee.  They live and breathe coffee.  And it’s more than coffee.  They also bake their own pastries and goodies in the shop as well.  You not only have the smell of great coffee, but that warm, cozy smell of brownies, cookies and more being made.

While you’re enjoying the fantastic coffee here, there’s also a turntable spinning great tunes from the 80s to present.  The quirky atmosphere is part of the allure of Courier.  You’ll love it.

Last modified: March 29, 2014