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Fuglen – Oslo

Universitetsgata 2
0164 Oslo, Norway

+47 22 20 08 80

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Fuglen is one of the oldest continually operating coffee shops in Oslo. It’s espresso and coffee is as unique as it’s shop.  By evening, Fuglen transforms into a great place to have a cocktail.  The warm inviting atmosphere has a whole different vibe in the evenings.

Filled with scandinavian designed furniture and furnishings from the 50s and 60s, its a visit to a retro Norway living room.  It’s as much as an adventure to check out these iconic furnishings as it is their coffee.  Yes, you can buy any of these furnishings as well.Fuglen can be extremely busy at various times of the day. We stopped by at 3PM in the afternoon and there was a line out the door. In addition to great coffee, they also use home made syrups (such as the vanilla, which still had real vanilla beans in the bottle) for those who want to add a bit of flavor.

There is a row of chairs along the front of the shop to enjoy a sunny Oslo afternoon. If it’s bit chilly, they also have warm wool blankets you can borrow to stay warm.

Fuglen can be a bit difficult to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort.  Another bonus, Fuglen is one of the few coffee shops in Oslo that opens early in the morning.

If you happen to find yourself in Tokyo, Fuglen has a location there as well.

[box type=”info” ]Finding Fuglen isn’t as easy as following the address. We looked for it our first day in Oslo and couldn’t find it. The entrance is actually half way down the street on Pilestredet. [/box]

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