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Saturday’s Surf – NYC

31 Crosby Street
17 Perry Street
New York City, NY

Saturdays NYC Website

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Saturday’s Surf NYC is probably one of the most unusual espresso places in New York City.  Maybe anywhere.  Why?  Because it’s not really an espresso shop, per se.  It’s a clothing/lifestyle store.  Oh, and a surf shop, too.

The Crosby Street location has a small vintage LaMarzocco espresso machine that cranks out a very good espresso.  It should be great espresso, considering that they serve a special blend of espresso roasted just for them from LaColombe.  You can buy the special blend at Saturdays.  Along with some very cool clothing, books, art or as one might expect from the name, a surf board.

There really is very little room to sit.  There’s a couple of small benches that will sit two or three people each located near the tiny espresso bar.  So, it’s best to get your espresso or coffee to go.  

If you’re in SOHO or even the West Village, drop by.  To shop or have an espresso.  

Last modified: March 27, 2014