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La Colombe Coffee – NYC

319 Church Street (Tribeca)
270 Lafayette (SOHO)
400 Lafayette (NOHO)
330 Hudson
New York City, NY

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Wow!  We were extremely impressed with La Colombe Coffee.  This is some of the best espresso in New York City.  We stumbled on the SOHO location, looked it up on Yelp! and decided we’d give it a try.  And, we’re glad we did.  Whether you like straight up espresso, lattes or other espresso based drinks, you’ll love it.  Better than Ninth Street, joe, Jack’s Stir Brew and Everyman, this is your place.

Espresso:  La Colombe roasts their own beans.  With 4 regular varieties and various custom blends, the range of taste profiles is amazing.  We tried the Nizza and found it excellent.  While we usually like a darker roast, this was very smooth and was the perfect shot of espresso.  The barista advised us that next time, we should try the Corsica, which is a darker roast, just to compare.

Location: The SOHO location can get extremely crowded because if its location on Lafayette.  There’s not much room to sit or stand, but you can wedge your way to the counter.  The Tribeca location has much more sitting area and room to enjoy your coffee.

In addition to the New York locations listed above, La Colombe has locations in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC and Seoul, South Korea.

Beans:  You can buy beans at each location, or order on line.  Buy a 12 oz bag of beans in a store and you can get a free copy of La Colombe magazine.  Prices are extremely reasonable for this quality of coffee and average about a $1 oz for most classic blends.  They also offer coffee by subscription to save even more.


Last modified: March 29, 2014