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Baratti & Milano – Turin

Piazza Castello, 29
10123 Torino, Italy

+39 011 440 7138

Baratti & Milano Website

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Baratti & Milano has been a Turin tradition since 1858.  Even if you’re not a coffee or espresso fan, you should stop in and check out the interior.  From hand carved tables, to rich italian marble on the bar, it’s like stepping back in time.  Plus, it’s a great place to stop in for dessert or a pastry.

Espresso:  While Baratti & Milano has espresso and coffees specially blended for them, what you really want to try here is Bicerin.   Served in a small glass, Bicerin is layers of espresso, drinking chocolate and milk.  It’s a traditional drink native to Turin and absolutely a must try.  You can also step up to the bar and have a shot of espresso, or sit anywhere in the large, ornate cafeteria area, while enjoying fine italian pastries or a light lunch.

Location:  Baratti & Milano is located in the center of Turin.  Located just off the Piazza Castello, it’s housed in a building built in 1875.  Baratti & Milano was one of the first tenants.  The building itself is a work of art in a large glass covered galleria.


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