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Barista Jam – Hong Kong

Shop D, G/F
126-128 Jervois Street,
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Metro Station:  Sheung Wan

Barista Jam Website

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Barista Jam is a great little espresso place in a semi-hard to find spot in the Sheung Wan neighborhood of Hong Kong.  Sheung Wan is in the northwest section of Hong Kong and is one of the oldest neighborhoods.  This was the first part of Hong Kong that was settled by the British.

Barista Jam serves all kinds of coffee, all kinds of different ways.  You can pour over, drip, Japanese siphon, espresso and more.  The staff here knows their coffee and can tell you just about anything you want to know about what they serve.  They pay a ton of attention to detail, from the time you order to the time they serve it.  Everyone here is very friendly and while their English isn’t bad, you’ll always get service with a smile.

The space is small with an espresso bar up front, with some tables towards the back.  While it’s not readily apparent, there is an upstairs seating area as well.  Barista Jam serves pastries, sandwiches and in a semi-odd twist, pasta.

Barista Jam has a wide variety of beans you can purchase.  If you call in advance, you can also purchase “green” coffee beans that you can roast yourself.

This great place for espresso or coffee is worth seeking out if you’re in Hong Kong or Kowloon.  It’s an easy 10 minute walk from the Sheung Wan subway station.  From here, you can continue walking back towards the center of Hong Kong along Wing Lok or Gough Street that are lined with many different shops.

Last modified: March 29, 2014