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Cafe Milagro – Quepos

Cafe Milagro, Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio
Quepos, Costa Rica

(506) 277-7079

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Cafe Milagro is pretty much the antithesis of a coffee micro roaster.  And, were doing it before it was even a thought in other’s minds.  Started in 1994, they’ve been at this for 20 years.  

Espresso:  Espresso here is almost grown in their backyard.  Sourced from Costa Rica, it doesn’t get any fresher than this.  There are also a wide variety of coffees from light to dark roast, specialty to basic.

Location:  Cafe Milagro is on the road from Quepos to Manuel Antonio, just at the intersection near the Hotel Parador.  You can’t miss the colorful little building on the side of the road. A great little spot, there’s plenty of room inside or sit out on the patio. 

Beans:  Cafe Milagro has a wide selection of beans and ground coffee on line.  All freshly roasted and shipped to your door.  They also have a recurring order program, so you’ll never be without.  Their coffee is extremely reasonably priced for the quality.  Cafe Milagro sources from farmers that use sustainable practices, which is even more reason to give them a try.

Cafe Milagro is more than just coffee.  Their restaurant turns out some great food items, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with great cocktails and live music in the evenings.

Last modified: March 29, 2014