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Sightglass Coffee – San Francisco

270 Seventh Street  (SOMA)
3014 20th Street  (Mission)
San Francisco, CA


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Sightglass Coffee in SOMA has something for everybody.  They have great coffee with a front row seat where you can watch the roasting operation as you look through the floor to ceiling glass windows watching passersby.

Sightglass Coffee has two serving areas in their SOMA location.  On the main level, there’s plenty of space to relax.  A high top counter along the front window, along with several tables fill the space with ample light no matter what the weather outside.  Towards the front of the space in their roasting operation, where at the right time of day, you can watch coffee beans being roasted in the large roaster.  In the middle is a large counter area with espresso machines on both sides.  Sightglass has a small selection of pastries to go along with your coffee. Service is quick and efficient, so you can be on your way quickly. But that’s not all.

Upstairs on the second level is a more intimate space, with a small coffee bar with individualized service.  It’s a space where you can sit, linger, compare and discuss various coffees with a barista on the top of their game.  It’s definitely a different experience from most coffee houses.  It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your coffee knowledge from a coffee expert.  We didn’t have the opportunity to experience it on this visit, but you can be sure we will on our next one.

Sightglass has a variety of beans for sale in the stores and online.  Sightglass also offers coffee subscriptions, so you can make sure you never run out of a variety of fantastic beans from various parts of the world.

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Last modified: April 22, 2014