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Four Barrel Coffee – San Francisco

375 Valencia St  (Mission)
736 Divisadero St.  (Alamo Square)
2 Burrows St.,  (Portola)

San Francisco, CA

(415) 896-4289

Fourbarrel Website

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Four Barrel is a unique coffeehouse located in the Mission District.  What makes it different than others?  We’ll besides great coffee, no Wi-Fi.  That’s right.  You’ll actually get to have the experience of conversation here, instead of putting your nose in your laptop or tablet.  The space is voluminous, with plenty of community tables, high top counters and tables.  There’s rooms for tons of guests, so even during the busiest times, you should be able to easily find a place to have a seat.

Four Barrel has a wide variety of coffees and you can actually choose which one you want in pour over or espresso form when they make your order.  The counter here is designed for efficiency, with back to back espresso machines to make sure you get your coffee quickly.  Getting it quickly, does not mean they’re compromising quality.

Behind the espresso counter is the large coffee roasting operation.  There’s nothing like the smell of coffee roasting.  Four Barrel also offers a wide variety of classes and workshops on coffee.  They publish the calendar on their website.

Four Barrel offers a wide variety of various beans for sale on their website, as well as coffee by subscription.

If you’re in the Mission area of San Francisco, you’ll want to make sure to stop in and check out this location of Four Barrel.


Last modified: April 22, 2014