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Serious Coffee – Vancouver Island

Hammond Bay Centre
Unit B – 6357 Hammond Bay Rd.
Nanaimo, BC 
V9T 5Y1

Other locations in Victoria and Vancouver Island

Serious Coffee Website

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Serious Coffee is serious about coffee.  They have 25 locations through Victoria and up and down the east side of the island.  They roast all of their own coffee from various suppliers and roast it in Duncan on the island.  It’s delivered fresh to their locations within a day of roasting, so it’s fresh.

Serious coffee locations are all franchised, yet they do a good job at quality control.  The coffee selections are fairly basic, but the quality is good.  They offer a wide variety of baked goods as well, including not just pastries, but sandwiches and more as well.  Serious Coffee has a wide local following so you’ll find most locations pretty busy during most times of the day.  Service here has always been friendly.  

If you find yourself on the island, Serious Coffee is a great place to stop along your journey.

Last modified: March 29, 2014