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We were an early adopter of TripIt about 7 years ago. It’s been a love/hate relationship. It’s come along way over the years. Things really seemed to improve after they were acquired by Concur. TripIt is good for some things and not so great at others. When it works, it works beautifully. When it fails, it’s an epic fail. TripIt …

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Blue Ribbon Bags

We’ve been fortunate enough to never have our baggage eternally lost.  Delayed yes, lost no. But, we know the airline gods will eventually be angered and our time is coming.   We ran across an article earlier this week about Blue Ribbon Bags.  Blue Ribbon Bags is a company that provides insurance against lost baggage.  What makes Blue Ribbon unique, …

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Comparing Airfares

With airlines trying to get every nickel from every passenger, it’s important to compare airfare.  Just checking airfare on-line may not give you an accurate picture of what you’ll actually be paying for your air travel experience.  Many airlines quote only the airfare portion of your trip, which doesn’t include many add-on fees.  Unfortunately, this means you’ll have to do …

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Travel Packing Tips

Tips on packing for your trip Our vacation packing tips can save you a lot of time.  Packing for a trip is almost an art. Everyone learns the more they travel, what they absolutely have to have and what they can do without. By putting a little thought into packing, you’ll reduce your chance of excess or overweight baggage charges …

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Airport Layover Tips

It’s hard these days to get any flight that’s non-stop to your final destination.  Here’s some connecting flight and airport layover tips that you may be able to use while you’re enroute to your final destination. Tips for on the plane While you’re on the plane, make sure to keep an eye on your items in the overhead bin, especially …

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Traveling with Technology

 We have some great travel tips for traveling with all of your electronic gear.  With just a bit of preparation, you and your phone, laptop and camera will be ready for just about anything in any country.  We’ll also include security tips on keeping your data secure.  After all, you never know what may happen when you travel. Phones, smartphone …

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Travel Insurance & Advisories

Review travel advisories If you’re planning on a trip abroad, you should always check the US Department of State or the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth office website for the latest in travel advisories for the countries you are visiting.For more detailed information about what’s happening in the country your about to visit, another great resource is the Overseas Security Advisory Council.They have links to recent …

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Travel Tips Before Leaving Home

As you’re trip gets closer, it’s easy to forget the simple things.  Here are some of our travel tips before leaving home.  These travel tips before you leave home will make sure you have a worry free vacation. Keep Your Home Secure If you’re going to be gone for more than a couple of days, think about stopping your mail …

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Choosing The Right Airline

If you’re flying domestically, choosing an airline is easy.  Your choice will probably depend on airfare, number of connections and departure time.  But, if you’re flying internationally, choosing an airline can be a whole new ball game.  US residents are familiar with most airlines being the same.  Not true overseas.  You should do your research before booking on overseas carriers. …

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Use Common Sense When Traveling

Using common sense while travelingWhen we travel, we’re amazed at the number of people who have lack common sense.  Common sense while traveling is essential.  There’s nothing more embarrassing for anyone, than to see people from their own country “acting out” while they’re in another country. So to use that all too familiar phrase they use during airline safety demonstrations, …

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