We’ve been using this photo sharing/storefront service for almost three years.  What we like about it is that it’s easy not only to share images and videos with others, but also to easily create galleries and control access to our work.

Zenfolio has a free plan in addition to various paid plan options.  If you’re just sharing photos, the free plan works just fine.  If you want to customize the look of your galleries or sell your photos, you’ll need to step up to a paid plan.

Uploading and managing photos is easy.  You can create your own categories as well have multiple gallery designs in your portfolio.  Uploading, moving, copying and securing your images and videos is simple and straightforward.

Protecting images is easy.  You can set categories of photos to public or private.  You can control access to private galleries to specific users if you wish.  Images can be watermarked with a stock watermark or one of your own, to help prevent viewers from copying your work without permission.

Best of all, Zenfolio allows you to setup your own photo store.  You can set your own prices for photos as well as have different tiers for different customers.  Zen also offers basic and specialty framing services in addition to basic print services.

We’ve stuck with Zen because it’s flexible, easy to configure and gives us complete control over our images.  In the past we’ve used a few others.  We liked the basics of Smugmug, but it was very difficult to configure the galleries to display our images.   Shutterfly, Snapfish and Ofoto while free, we constantly had to worry about having them delete our photos after certain periods of time have passed.  We like Flickr, but didn’t want to lose control over our work.  Being linked to Google, it certainly provides a higher “view” rate for photos, but we didn’t want to lose the ability on where our photos could be used.


While we use both YouTube and Vimeo for our videos, we think Vimeo offers a few more advantages.  Over the past few years we’ve changed to shooting all of our video in HD and Vimeo provides the best viewing experience.  Vimeo also allows us to customize the “player” interface.  This allows us to elminate ads, as you get with YouTube.  There are enough ads on the web today, without having them clutter up our videos.

Vimeo has both free and paid services.  We use the paid service to have the ultimate flexibility.  One thing you should know is, that even with the paid service, you’re still somewhat restricted as to how much video you can upload each week.  While these limits are a reasonable 5Gb, some may find that it’s not enough for them.

Uploading to Vimeo is easy.  In addition to uploading directly to the site, there’s also a Vimeo Uploader that you can use directly from your computer.  It takes about 10-15 minutes to render your HD video for viewing once it’s uploaded.  A feature we like is to control where you video can be seen.  You can control what sites it appears on as well as who can view it.  Embedding