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Waze is the perfect app when traveling by car.  It makes navigating city streets or roads in wide open spaces quicker and easier.  Best of all, it saves time and keeps your stress level down. Waze is a crowd-sourced mapping and traffic app the runs on iPhone or Android.  The crowd-sourcing component makes it’s data very reliable and current.  Traveling …

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Clean Writer

Clean Writer has two apps, one for the iPad and the other for the Mac.  Both work similarly, with the Mac version having a few more features. Clean Writer is a simple, stay-out-of-the-way, writing app.  We’ve used it for over a year and have been extremely pleased.  This isn’t Word or anything like it.  It’s a distraction free, simplistic, minimalist, …

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We were an early adopter of TripIt about 7 years ago. It’s been a love/hate relationship. It’s come along way over the years. Things really seemed to improve after they were acquired by Concur. TripIt is good for some things and not so great at others. When it works, it works beautifully. When it fails, it’s an epic fail. TripIt …

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We love Dropbox for everyday use to store files, documents and more.  But, Dropbox is indispensable for using while traveling.  We have the Dropbox app on our iPhones ,iPads and laptop. Dropbox is an easy place to store all the things you need when you travel.   Here are the items we store in Dropbox when we travel: Travel itineraries …

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Everdroid is a cell phone data backup service that stores your cell phone data on the cloud.  Contacts.  Calendars.  More.  Import or recover your important cell phone data and contacts in minutes. After losing our iPhone on a recent trip to Africa, we were in a pickle.  We weren’t about to buy a new iPhone, with a new version coming …

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iPad/iPhone Travel Apps

We’re big Apple fans.  We have all the Apple products.  Computers, laptops, iPods, Apple TV and the iPhone.  What about the iPad you say?  Well, we’re waiting for v2 later this fall.  We travel everywhere with our iPhone.  It’s kind of like a 7 in 1 tool.  Many people try to load as many apps as they can on their …

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