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Zanzibar Photos & Videos

In early April we were off to Zanzibar.  During our week there, we stayed at a great resort, Essque Zalu, took a tour of Stone Town and visited a spice plantation in the center of the island.  While our main reason for going was relaxation, we had a great time and met some great people along the way.  You’ll find our Zanzibar photos at this link and below are our videos.  Enjoy.


Egypt Photos & Videos

Late in November, we took a quick trip to Egypt in the middle of the chaos.  We avoided downtown Cairo, but did get out to see the Pyramids in Giza and Saqqara.  It was a great time to visit both, as there were very few tourists due to the protests in Tahir Square.  We also took a few days and went south to the Sinai Peninsula and Sharm El Sheikh.  We stayed a few days at the Four Seasons and took a trip into the peninsula to see St Katherine’s Monastery, the oldest monastery in the world.  We’ll have a review of the Four Seasons coming later this week, but in the mean time, thought you might enjoy some photos and videos.

Our Photos of Egypt can be found here.