• Greenstone New Zealand – Video

    A great video with some spectacular scenery from the South Island of New Zealand.

  • Roundshot – Amazing Panoramic Images

    A Roundshot web camera takes phenomenal high resolution “almost-live” image panoramics.  We ran across one yesterday of Aspen, here in Colorado.  Now you can actually see the slopes of Snowmass, Aspen, Buttermilk and more with panoramic images taken just minutes ago.

    The Roundshot web camera captures 66 million pixels of imagery live as it rotates up to 360 degrees , creating an animated panoramic of it’s view in minutes.  And, the image is updated every 10 minutes or less.  In the Aspen image, you can see all the way from Independence Pass, over to and beyond the Snowmass ski area.  

    Almost live panoramas are also available of points in Norway, Switzerland, France  Check out others here.

  • Travel Video: Eat

    Want to know more about the back story of this video?  Check out this article about how and why the video was made from the Daily Mail in the UK.

  • Travel Video: Learn

    Want to know more about the back story of this video?  Check out this article about how and why the video was made from the Daily Mail in the UK.

  • Marrakech Photos & Videos

    We’ve just posted our photos and videos from our recent trip to Marrakech.  Check them out!

    Photos can be found here.

    Videos can be found on our YouTube channel, here, along with our other travel videos.  Or, check them out below: 

    Ourika Valley, Morocco 

    Riad Kniza, Marrakech Morocco 

    Marrakech – City Overview

    Making Tea the Moroccan Way 

  • Zanzibar Photos & Videos

    In early April we were off to Zanzibar.  During our week there, we stayed at a great resort, Essque Zalu, took a tour of Stone Town and visited a spice plantation in the center of the island.  While our main reason for going was relaxation, we had a great time and met some great people along the way.  You’ll find our Zanzibar photos at this link and below are our videos.  Enjoy.


  • Truck In Norway Goes Over Cliff

    This video clip was on our local news today.  A tow truck towing a semi-trailer on a mountainous road in Norway slides out of control over a 200ft cliff with the driver still in the semi.  The semi driver, surprisingly had only minor injuries.  The tow truck driver escaped right before both trucks went over the cliff.  

  • Rope Swing – Moab, UT

    We ran across this very cool video of the World’s Largest Rope Swing, put together by a bunch on a visit to Moab, Utah.  If you’ve ever wanted to swing from a natural stone arch, this will show it’s possible.


  • Snowboarder Saved by Air Bag

    Living in the snow country of Colorado, we’re always acutely aware of the danger of backcountry skiing or snowboarding.  Snow and mountain conditions change constantly, no matter what the weather may seem like.  Being prepared, whether your skiing, snowboarding or just hiking in the backcountry at any time of year is important.  Here’s a video clip shot last week of professional snowboarder Meesh Hytner, near Montezuma, Colorado in the Vail-Summit zone of Colorado.  As she snowboarded down the mountain, she triggered an avalanche.  Luckily, she was wearing an Avalanche Airbag from Backcountry Access and walked away from it.  Watch this amazing video.


  • Egypt Photos & Videos

    Late in November, we took a quick trip to Egypt in the middle of the chaos.  We avoided downtown Cairo, but did get out to see the Pyramids in Giza and Saqqara.  It was a great time to visit both, as there were very few tourists due to the protests in Tahir Square.  We also took a few days and went south to the Sinai Peninsula and Sharm El Sheikh.  We stayed a few days at the Four Seasons and took a trip into the peninsula to see St Katherine’s Monastery, the oldest monastery in the world.  We’ll have a review of the Four Seasons coming later this week, but in the mean time, thought you might enjoy some photos and videos.

    Our Photos of Egypt can be found here.