• Boeing 787-9 Amazing Maneuvers

    We’ve had the opportunity to fly the Boeing 787-8 airplane from on United’s DEN-NRT route a couple of times over the past year.  Being a passenger in this plane makes for a great flight experience.  Lower cabin pressure means less jet lag.  Larger windows and better luggage bins mean a lighter, airier cabin.   It’s just a much better flying experience.

    Now with the new Boeing 787-9, a larger version able to carry more passengers, the bar is set even higher.  Here’s a video of the new Boeing 787-9 performing “out of the ordinary” maneuvers while practicing for the Farnborough UK airshow.  It’s pretty spectacular to see this large of plane, be able to do these things so easily.  Enjoy.

  • Signs

    We’ve seen iterations of this before, but it’s still a great sign.  We saw this in Singapore.

  • Pests

    A new twist on a no smoking sign from Singapore.

  • Creative Windows

    Hats off to Miksmaster Creative in Oslo, Norway.  The front of their offices are lined with clever sayings.  This was one of our favorites!

  • Oslo Video

    Video from our latest trip to Oslo, Norway.

  • Oslo Photos

    Over the US Memorial Day weekend, we took a quick trip to Oslo, Norway.  The quick trip was even shorter, due to storms in Newark which delayed our Oslo flight by 4 hours.  But it still gave us 36 hours and we had a great time.  Here’s the photos from our trip.  Enjoy.

  • Central Coast Wine Photos

    Earlier this month we visited the central coast wine country in the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Rita Hills, north of Santa Barbara, CA.  Click here to see the photos from our visit.

  • World’s Largest Rest Room?

    If you ever get to Denver, you may have an opportunity to see the world’s largest rest room.  While we can verify that it’s not, it holds two people at best.  The Source, a popular hangout in the up and coming RiNo district of Denver isn’t too adept at sign placement.  We spotted this sign on a large wall, that’s at least 8 feet tall, but they have for some reason, chosen to put these right on top of each other.

    This is a new category on our site where we’ll show some funny and sometimes weird and strange signs on a semi-regular basis.

  • The Ultimate Selfie – 600 Days Condensed Into 3 Minutes

    Selfies are all the rage.  Why, I’m not quite sure. Take a GoPro and a cam stick, on a 600 day round the world trip and condense it into less than 3 minutes, it is the ultimate selfie.

  • Ancients – Atacama Desert, Chile

    The Atacama is one of the driest places on earth.  Because of that, the skies are almost always dark and clear every night.  Here’s a great video from videographer Nicholas Buer which was shot near the small town of San Pedro, Chile.