Back from Cambodia!

We’re back from our quick trip to southern Cambodia.  Even though rainy season is in full swing, our trip to Koh Rong was a success.  We’ll have photos, video and more coming later in the week.

Cambodia Here We Come

Today we’re headed off to Singapore and southern Cambodia for a few days for some well needed R&R.  After a day of transition in Singapore, we’re off to Sihanoukville,Cambodia for some beach time.

While in Cambodia, we’ll be delivering school supplies for schools in the area.  It’s a great opportunity to help those kids who don’t have access to good school supplies.  Want to know more?  Make sure to check out our friends at Pack for a Purpose.

Things will be a bit sparse around here until we return, but we’ll be updating occasionally from the road.  We’ll be posting updates and photos to Twitter more often than here on the site, so make sure to give us a follow @itsallhere.

Meadowlark Farm Dinners – Boulder

Thanks to Veronica and all her staff at Meadowlark Farm Dinners for a great diner this last Saturday at Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, CO.

It was a perfect evening for our party and 36 other guests to enjoy a mediterranean dinner by Alberto Sabbadini.  Food is prepared in Bella the Bus, a converted school bus from circa 1995, along with a wood fired grill trailer.

Starting with a duck egg crostini and baby carrots marinated in mediterranean spices and garnished with elderflower blossoms, which was followed by lamb ravioli with house made yogurt and wood fire grilled chicken.  Dessert was out of this world with fried ricotta and creme anglaise.

Meadowlark Farm Dinners run May through September throughout various organic farms in Boulder County, Colorado.  These dinners have become extremely popular since starting in 2008.  Dinners are limited to groups of 40 or so and you must enter a lottery to have a chance at attending.  The lottery opens a month in advance and it’s one of the hardest to get meal tickets in the area.

If you have an opportunity and are traveling to Colorado during the summer months, check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.  Dinners usually start at 6PM and last until 10PM.

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#carryonshame – Airplane Carry Ons

Do you have pent up rage over airplane carry ons?  It’s amazing what people bring on to a plane, even with all of the attention that carry ons have received as of late.  On just about every flight, I see people bring on luggage that’s way too big.  Yet, nothing gets done about it.

Even with everyone talking about United cracking down, I have yet to see it.  I’ve been on 8 United flights in the last 60 days and people still try to bring on everything but their kitchen sink.  Flight attendants just idly stand by as people try to jam things into the overhead bins.

There was a great article yesterday in SFGate, the sister site of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Travel blogger Spud Hilton talks about the absurd size of luggage people try to carry on to a plane.  He’s started a hashtag on Twitter (#carryonshame) as well as it’s own Twitter account @carryonshame for fliers to contribute their own photos of carry on abuse.  There’s also an Instagram account as well.

Keep watch for what I’m sure will be some great photos in the upcoming days.  Help stop the carry on madness!

Off to Oslo

For the upcoming holiday weekend, we’re off to Oslo for a quick two days.  We’ll be tweeting live throughout the weekend, so make sure to follow us over on Twitter at @itsallhere.  We’ll have a full report when we’re back early next week.

So Cal Wine Trip

Stay tuned to our twitter feed (@itsallhere) starting Thursday.  We’ll be traveling throughout southern California wine country.  We’ll be tweeting photos and updates, live, throughout the weekend.  Check back here next week, for all of the details, reviews and photos.

A Boeing 777 Replica Made from Manilla Folders

Some may call this crazy.  But hats off for the effort and detail.  Who else would have the patience to build a replica of a Boeing 777 out of nothing but manilla folders?

Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been working for years on a replica Boeing 777-3000ER made out of nothing but manilla folders.  You can check out more in his Flickr photo feed as well as some cool time-lapse videos on his YouTube channel.


Four Seasons Denver Spa Deal

Travelzoo has a great spa deal today for massage ($99) or massage/facial ($199) at the Four Seasons Denver spa.  Good Monday through Friday by appointment only, this is your chance to relax and pamper yourself in the perfect surroundings.  It’s also one of the top rated spa’s in Denver.  Don’t worry about parking either, as the Four Season’s provides valet service at the front door for spa guests.  You can drive right up and be in the spa in less than five minutes getting ready for the perfect spa day.

We’ve been to this spa several times before and it’s what you’d expect from a Four Seasons Spa.  Luxurious robes, large changing areas, hot spa, steam room and the Four Seasons service you’ve come to expect.  Hurry, these deals sell out quickly.  You can use your spa voucher anytime through March 31, 2014 during regular spa hours with advance appointment.

Kiva – Microfinance Loan Results through January 2014

Kiva is a great organization that we’ve been proud to support for almost 7 years.  Kiva is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty around the globe.  By connecting lenders with a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.  

Over 7 years, we’ve lent over $6400 to various people to help support them in their small business. Microfinance has helped make positive changes in third world countries.  It’s a hand up, not a hand out.  We hope you’ll join us in supporting others around the world through Kiva.  In fact, Kiva will give you $25 to get started.  Click on this link to get started and we’ll get $25 as well to lend to someone in need.

Here’s a look at our loan portfolio since we started giving in 2007:

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