Favorite Foods

Kaya Toast

If you’re a fan of coconut, then you’ll love Kaya toast.

Kaya toast is a snack found primarily in Singapore and Malaysia.  A breakfast staple, but also great as a snack anytime of day, Kaya toast is thin brown toast with a thick coconut jam (kaya, that’s made with sugar, coconut, coconut milk, eggs and pandan) and then a thick slab of butter.  You can also have it with a soft egg, but we’re purists and prefer it with out.  This stuff is so yummy and costs less than $2 USD.

If you’re in Singapore, you can find Kaya toast in many local food places.   Two local chains that are known for their Kaya toast are  Ya Kun and Killiney Kopitiam.  Ya Kun Kaya Toast has been around since 1944 and has a location in T3 at Singapore’s Changi Airport.  Killiney Kopitiam has locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

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Tim Tams

If you’ve never had a Tim Tam, you don’t know what you’re missing.  We very rarely eat junk food.  But since we love trying the local cuisine when we travel, we’ll try just about anything.   On our first trip to Australia a few years ago, we ran across Tim Tam’s.  All it took was one and we were hooked.

Tim Tam’s are made by Arnott’s in Australia.  While those in the US would call them cookies, they would say they’re biscuits.  It doesn’t matter what the terminology is, they’re basically addictive as all get out.  They come in a variety of flavors. Tim Tam Original (chocolate), Tim Tam White, Tim Tam Double Chocolate Vanilla, Tim Tam Chocolate Orange, Tim Tam Turkish Delight, Tim Tam Honeycomb, Tim Tam Dark Mint and finally Tim Tam Dark Rum & Raisin.

We prefer the Tim Tam Original.  2 cookies with chocolate creme sandwiched in between all covered in chocolate.  To those in the know, a special way to enjoy Tim Tams is to bite off a very small piece on opposing diagonal ends of the cookie and use it as a straw.  It works best with cold milk, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Tim Tam’s were hard to come by in the US, until a few years ago.  Pepperidge Farm now imports them and sells them under their label. You can find them at Cost Plus and Target.  You can also find it various places online., including Amazon.  If you’re traveling, you can also find Tim Tam’s in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries.  Most convenience stores will stock them.

And if you don’t believe they’re popular, here’s a statistic from the Arnott’s website:  “1 in every 2 Australian households contains a packet of Tim Tams and around 35 million packs are sold each year –  that’s nearly 400 million biscuits!”

Boschetto al Tartufo

Holy Cheesus!  Boschettto al Tartufo is one phenomenal cheese.  We love cheese, but this takes cheese to a whole new level.

This tasty cheese is produced by Il Forteto, an agricultural cooperative located just outside of Vicchio in Tuscany, which is not far from Florence, Italy.  The fresh cheese is made from pasteurized sheep and cow’s milk with shaved white truffle.  It’s absolutely awesome.  We were fortunate enough to try some during a wine tasting at “Taste of Santa Rita Hills” in Lompoc, CA.

It’s so hard to describe this cheese.  Once you have it, you won’t want anything else.  It’s a slightly sweet semi-soft cheese, with a very creamy texture.  It has just the right amount of truffles to not be overpowering .  But then again, what isn’t good with authentic white truffles.  It pairs perfectly with wine, especially Pinot Noir.

The cheese can be difficult to find in the US.  In California, some Whole Foods locations carry the cheese.  If you’re near New York City, Zabar’s, Wegman’s, and Murrays carry Il Forteto cheeses.  You can get the Boschetto al Tartufo online via iGourmet or Zabar’s.

Missy J’s Truffley Treats

Missy J’s truffles are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.  These little tasty treats are amazing.  Organic, no refined sugars and many varieties that are dairy free make them the perfect treat.

Flavors include coconut, almond and sea salt (our personal favorite), along with mint lime and sea salt or hazelnut and vanilla chai.  They’re sized right, with three smaller truffles per package.  The flavor packed into these truffles is nothing short of spectacular.  They’re neither too sweet nor chewy.  Even though they’re made with carob and not chocolate, you would never know the difference.  At less than 250 calories for a pack of 3, you can enjoy them without much guilt.

Currently available in CO, UT and a location or two in CA, you can order these online.  Check out the Missy J’s website for locations where they’re available in person and on the web.  Give these a whirl and you won’t be disappointed.

Dang Coconut Chips

Do you love coconut?  Then Dang! you need to try Dang Coconut chips.  These things are awesome.  

We ran across the Dang Coconut Chips at Whole Foods about a month ago.  They’re now on our weekly shopping list.  Their vegan, actually fairly low in calories considering this is coconut after all.  A small handful is all you need to get a burst of toasted coconut taste.  Dang! coconut chips also work great on salads, mixed with raw fruit (especially spring strawberries) and also in granola or muesli.  Their packaged well, so they’re great to carry hiking or just about anywhere that you travel.

The thing we like about these most is their size.  To quote Baby Bear in Goldilocks, “They’re just right”.  Dang Coconut Chips look just like the photo on the package.  They’re about an inch long and 1/4′ wide, so they’re easy to grab and aren’t messy.  They’re very crispy, not chewy like other coconut pieces.  We have yet to try the Caramel Sea Salt version, but if they’re half as good as the plain, woohoo!

You can order Dang Coconut Chips on Amazon or you can find a store near you by clicking here.