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Canada Goose Freestyle Vest

For the past two months, we’ve put a Canada Goose Freestyle Vest to the test in the cold, stormy weather from New York to Colorado.  It’s now one of our favorites and should become one of yours.

Overall:  The Canada Goose Freestyle Vest was as warm as could be, even when the wind outside was whipping by at 30 mph and the snow driving in our face.  Being a vest it’s built for layering, but rest assured, the Canada Goose Freestyle Vest over performs and over delivers.

Testing time:  60 days

Canada Goose makes a wide variety of outdoor clothing to keep you warm in the most extreme winter weather.  All Canada Goose gear is hand stitched and assembled in Canada.  The build quality of the vest is amazing.  It’s very well put together and all of the materials used are of high quality.  The first thing you notice is how rugged the zipper is.  The exterior is highly water resistant, as well as great at blocking the wind.  

The Freestyle Vest which we purchased, is considered “lightweight”, which means it’s designed to keep you warm to 5F/-5C.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep you toasty warm.  Filled with down of 625 fill power, you’ll never get cold.  In fact, the only down side to this vest is it’s hard to wear above 50 degrees, because you will get very warm.  Pockets are located on the outside of the best and are easy to access.  It would be nice to have one of them with a zipper closure, but they’re deep and well sown.  We’ve never had an issue with anything falling out.

The vest is also sized very well.  Being designed for layering, it’s designed to fit a bit loose, allowing you to add layers.  If you want it to fit tight, you may want to size down one or two sizes.  We liked the fact that the vest is cut a bit longer than most.  It doesn’t “hike-up” when you bend over and also comes down far enough to keep the wind from roaring up your back.

If you want to find out more about the high quality of Canada Goose’s products, check out their channel on Vimeo.

What we loved:  Besides looking great and being very warm, the Freestyle Vest is uber lightweight.  You barely know you’re wearing it.  It’s great for high energy activities as well as just a walk around the block.  Water sheds right off the exterior and it’s never bulky.

Where to buy:  Because of the popularity and high-quality of Canada Goose’s gear, counterfitters abound.  There’s a special warning on their website.  Look at their website for authorized retailers.  You won’t find their clothing at much of a discount from a legitimate retailer, so be prepared to pay close to list price.  We purchased the Freestyle Vest for $285 USD.  Many high end retailers (such as Bloomingdales) or better sporting good retailers (such as Moosejaw) carry Canada Goose.  


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