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Before You Buy An Airline Ticket

Before you buy an airline ticket, here are a few things to consider before making your reservation:

  1. Pay for your airline ticket with a credit card.
    While the financial health of many airlines has greatly improved, you never know when a carrier may decide to stop flying due to bankruptcy or other financial or regulatory issues.  When you pay with a credit card, you’ll at least have a better chance of getting your money back on your airline ticket should something go awry.  You should also heavily consider buying travel insurance to protect yourself as well.
  2. Make sure you have enough time between flights if your buying airline ticket from more than one carrier.
    If you’re buying more than one airline ticket for your travels, make sure you allow enough time between connecting flights between the two different carriers.  If the flight on one ticket is delayed or cancelled, you may lose all the money spent on your second ticket if you can’t make that flight.

    It’s always a good idea, when possible, to book all of your flights on one ticket, even if it’s with different carriers.  Most airlines have what they call “interline” agreements with other carriers, that allow you to do this.  This can protect you if there’s an issue with any flight on the ticket.

  3. Review the airlines cancellation/rebooking policies before you buy your airline ticket. 
    Just like considering the price of an airline ticket, you should also review the airlines cancellation and rebooking policies before you fly.  It may be worth paying a bit more for an airline ticket, if they have a better policy.  You never what may happen on your trip that could cause you to make a change in your ticketed itinerary.
  4. Check what type of equipment the airline will be flying to your destination.
    Don’t every assume you’ll be taking a large plane to your destination.  If you don’t like flying in small planes, it’s always worth checking to see what type of aircraft your airline will be flying.  Especially if you’re headed to a smaller destination.
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