• So Cal Wine Trip

    So Cal Wine Trip

    Stay tuned to our twitter feed (@itsallhere) starting Thursday.  We’ll be traveling throughout southern California wine country.  We’ll be tweeting photos and updates, live, throughout the weekend.  Check back here next week, for all of the details, reviews and photos. Read More »
  • Clean Writer

    Clean Writer

    Clean Writer has two apps, one for the iPad and the other for the Mac.  Both work similarly, with the Mac version having a few more features. Clean Writer is a simple, stay-out-of-the-way, writing app.  We’ve used it for over a year and have been extremely pleased.  This isn’t Word or anything like it.  It’s a distraction free, simplistic, minimalist, ... Read More »
  • Parc 55 – San Francisco

    Parc 55 – San Francisco

    Parc 55 is all about location, location, location.  That’s not to say that’s all it has going for it, because it’s not.  But if you’re looking for convenience, this is your place.  We’ve stayed here a couple of times and it’s a great fit for personal or business travel. Location: Parc 55 is just steps from the Powell Street BART ... Read More »
  • Remede Spa at St Regis Singapore

    The St Regis Singapore spa is one of the top spas in Singapore.  If you’re shopping near Orchard Rd, you’re spa experience is just steps away. TreatmentsWe had 90 minute aromatherapy massage treatments that were some of the best we’ve experienced.  Treatment rooms are a bit small, but the therapists here are amazing.  A wide variety of treatments are available, ... Read More »
  • A16 – San Francisco

    A16 – San Francisco

    Location A16 in San Francisco is located on Chestnut Street in the Marina district.  It’s about a 15 minute cab ride (depending on traffic) from the downtown/Union Square area.  Chestnut Street is an interesting street with a wide array of shops, bars, restaurants and other small businesses. Atmosphere & Service A16 is long and narrow.  The bar area is right in ... Read More »
  • White Rock Vineyards Claret

    White Rock Vineyards Claret

    White Rock Vineyards Claret is a great Napa red and a great value as well.  This was recommended to us by the staff at A16 in San Francisco.  It was a great recommendation.  It pairs well with just about anything.  We had it with short ribs, pasta and pizza. White Rock Vineyards is located in the southern part of the ... Read More »
  • Dang Coconut Chips

    Dang Coconut Chips

    Do you love coconut?  Then Dang! you need to try Dang Coconut chips.  These things are awesome.   We ran across the Dang Coconut Chips at Whole Foods about a month ago.  They’re now on our weekly shopping list.  Their vegan, actually fairly low in calories considering this is coconut after all.  A small handful is all you need to ... Read More »
  • Oster Electric WIne Opener

    Oster Electric WIne Opener

    We’re on our third Oster Electric Wine Opener and we wouldn’t go back to anything else. Hearing people talk about wine openers, is like getting everyone on the same page about a particular wine.  Some love it, some hate it, some are apathetic about it.  Wine openers are similar.  Some prefer the old manual corkscrew method.  Boring and not always ... Read More »
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